Environmental Performance

Do ants, clouds, wind, plants and other non-human actors perform? 

This video continues my aesthetic inquiry into environmental performance and how ants, clouds, plants and other non-human actors are enrolled in performance as they form part of mediation assemblages.

I explore this theme in scholarly research, for example see: 


For a previous videowork on environmental performance, check out this video:


Environmental performance is a particular kind of contemporary performance practice which takes environmental and other more-than human processes and activities as its point of departure. The performance practice explores and mediates activities carried out by non-human performers like ants, clouds, vira and weather. Environmental performances typically take place over long stretches of time – days, weeks, maybe indefinitely. Their aesthetic is dynamic, engaging with unpredictability and emergence.

Recorded July 2021 in Dueodde, Bornholm (DK).

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