Academic profile

Researcher, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Dpt. of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark
  • Head of Studies, Performance Design 2013-2016: approximately 150 students, BA and MA levels, 7 full time lecturers/researchers, 15 part time lecturers

Academic Profile, Roskilde University

I work at Roskilde University as an Associate Professor at the Department of Communication & Arts and form part of the Research Group on Visual Culture and Performance Design.

My academic research focuses on the mediation of spatial experience; how materials as diverse as clothing, digital handheld devices, and printed matter contribute to the experience and understanding of natural and cultural places such as art sites, heritage sites and museums. My work is on the entanglements between the social, material and spatial, and analytically is inspired by scholars such as Michel Serres, Donna Haraway, Bruno Latour and John Law. Recently I have had the great pleasure of working on these issues with professor Michael Shanks, Stanford University.

I am intensely interested in the close connection between knowledge and form. That is: how the forms – medium, genre, materials – which are used for inquiry into a subject matter, play very active and constituent roles in the understanding which is generated. Knowledge and form can not be separated. Meaning, medium and materiality go together.

A wish-come-true research project for me would be to build multiple forms of knowledge about a site and subject matter by emergent and evocative experiments with written, visual and performative engagements. And to publish a kaleidoscopic – visual and textual – account of these engagements on the web and in a big, beautiful book.


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