Aesthetics and Scholarly Performance

Monstrosity in Knowledge Making

Mixtures, fluidity and in-betweenness is a recurrent theme of my research: working with impurity, hybridity, polyphony and ambivalence. This is articulated in a work of scholartistry as the performative schizoid method (2016), and has been further developed in a forthcoming publication on spatial planning, where I work with monstrosity in knowledge making.

The Knowledge Catcher

Knowledge is co-constituted by the forms in which it is developed and communicated. For our research article “Knowledge Catcher: On the performative agency of scholarly forms” Julie Bønnelycke and I construed a knowledge catcher with which to read the text. Check out the article. 

Video stills from ‘Impetus’ (Fyn, 2017).

Video stills from ‘M-22′ (New York, 2012).


About Connie Svabo

I work at the intersection of experience, design and information and communication technologies.

More-than-human agencies, cohabitations and interrelations are typically the theme of my independent creative work: dealing aesthetically with nature, natural environments, plants and non-human animals. I am particularly fascinated by mixtures, fluidity and in-betweenness, which I explore through processes of framing, layering and mediation.

My creative visual work started with figurative drawing and painting and then developed across collage to spatial and installatory work. Across these media forms, there is a continuous exploration of layering, intermediality and the propagatory nature of visual-spatial perception.

I integrate art and design methodologies in scholarly research.

I am Professor of Science Communication and STEM Education at University of Southern Denmark and have been Director of the transdisciplinary research center Experience Lab at Roskilde University, where I also was Associate Professor of Performance Design and headed the BA and MA programme in Performance Design of Communications.

I push the boundaries of scholarly research in hybrid mixtures of art, design and writing, arguing that the academy includes aesthetic forms of learning, understanding and knowing in research and education. This is the anchor point of my ongoing research collaboration with Stanford University (USA), Concordia University (CAN), Erasmus University (NL), Technological University Dublin (IRL), MOME University of Art and Design Budapest (HN), Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL), Codarts (NL) and Roskilde University (DK).

I have a substantial record of professional creative practice and have contributed to the development of a number of exhibitions, media productions and communication materials. I’ve received a working scholarship from the Danish Arts Foundation, was affiliated with the Funen Visual Art Academy in 2016 as Visiting Scholar, have participated as performing researcher in the installation The Boarding School by Sister’s Academy (awarded Bikuben Exhibtion Vision Prize 2016), and have contributed to the international performance design quadrennial PQ2015. I co-founded the research collective Art/Design/Practice Research at Roskilde University.

I pursued my doctoral work on knowledge, experience and mediation at the museum of natural history, Naturama, Denmark.

Research website:

Exhibition view of Impetus (2017) and Exchange (2017) at SAK, Fyn.


Exhibition view of Impetus (2017) and Exchange (2017) at SAK, Fyn.