Moving Stories

This is an invitation to take part in the ongoing exhibition project Moving Stories, which is about moving, empathy and knowledge creation. Please share your own story of moving by submitting it to the Moving Stories formula.

Where do you live?

Where have you lived?

How has this been for you?

There seems to be a common perception that moving is not good for you; that it creates rootlessness and lack of belonging. Is this true? It seems appropriate to question the primacy of roots over routes in personal geographies.

Moving Stories is a participatory work which invites people to share their personal stories of moving.

Please participate!

Exhibition on Emotion and Migration

What does it feel like to be a migrant? Beyond the instant empathic, emotional response, an exhibition at Roskilde University Library shows a number of artistic and academic works on emotion and migration that have been developed in collaboration between four migrants living in Denmark and a transdisciplinary team of researchers.

Exhibition is a result of Transdisciplinary Collaboration

Mix together computer scientists, performance designers, artists, an anthropologist, a curator, an ethno-musicologist AND research participants and you get a stimulating art-exhibition at the heart of Roskilde University’s Library.

The exhibition is about the relations between emotions and migration as much as it is about new ways to produce and convey knowledge. 

Moving Stories integrates artistic and academic practice.

It is intended for everyone, both academic and non-academic audiences. 

Attend the launch of the exhibition and experience new ways to be knowledge-able.

After the exhibition closes in May 2022, the works will be compiled in an exhibition booklet together with other material from the project.

Friday April 22nd, 2022, 1 – 3 pm.

Roskilde University Library

Exhibition opening hours follow library opening hours for April and May 2022.

Exhibition team: Eric K. Hahonou, Anne Julie Arnfred, Mads Høbye, Fernando Palacios, Christian Jacquemin, John Patrick Gallagher, Connie Svabo.

Sponsors: RUC, CIRCLES, ISE, IMT, IKH, Experience Lab and Roskilde University Library.