About my research

I am a university professor who works to create inspiring, nurturing and innovative designs for knowing and learning.

I do this through inter- and transdisciplinary projects and partnerships that explicitly bring together otherwise disparate ways of thinking and doing.

I am dedicated to polyphony, dialogue and multiplicity.

In my research I engage in collective and creative practices, making environments that cross boundaries, make connections and build bridges. I find this to be crucial if we want to build sustainable, eco-friendly, human-friendly futures. We need to connect.

We need to connect:

  • the world and us
  • art, science and technology
  • practice and research
  • past and future.

Research is a practice concerned with creating and infrastructuring ecosystems of inquiry, learning and knowing. This implies venturing into the unknown, exploring things without quite knowing what the result will be, and it means having an inquisitive, playful and sometimes perhaps even naive openness towards the world and its inhabitants.

Important guiding questions for me are about knowledge, mediation and form: How are knowledge and form intertwined? What is the performative agency of a medium? How do we produce knowledge in ways that sensitively and with wisdom open up and out towards the world? How might we remodel science and technology for better futures?

I am dedicated to exploring performative, relational and processual ontologies of knowing.

This site – hybridspaces.me – is an expository for my exploratory, creative and aesthetic inquiries.

These inquiries cut across media and genre in various practices of making and creating: text (scholarly articles, poetry, journalism, communication materials); visuals (painting, collage, photography, video and multimedia); performance (site-specifics, installations and lecture performances); and space (exhibitions, interiors).


  • mediation, translation and association
  • tension, borderlands and friction
  • experience, sense, emotion
  • learning, knowing and understanding
  • materiality
  • spatiality

Scholarly Publications

Aesthetic Practice