I am a university researcher working with knowing through artistic inquiry in text, image and performance.

The larger questions for me are about knowledge, mediation and form: How are knowledge and form intertwined? What is the performative agency of a medium?

Or a mode of expression?

How do I become visible to you? Do I have a voice? What does it look like when it comes out in a painting? How does the world feel, when you are wearing a tail, carrying a feather?

These inquiries transcend my various practices of creating: text (scholarly articles, poetry, journalism, communication materials); visuals (painting, collage, photography, video and multimedia); performance (site-specifics, installations and lecture performances); and space (exhibitions, interiors).

This site – – is a repository/exhibition space for my creative, exploratory work.

Here is a list of abstract, academic terms, which I find relevant in describing and exploring my work: polyphony, dialogue and multiplicity – mediation, translation and association – tension, borderlands and friction – experience, sense, emotion, knowing and understanding – materiality, spatiality.