About this site

About This Site

hybridspaces.me is a virtual space which I use for primarily two things: exploration and exposition.

i use the site for exploration where I post traces of my interests, primarily documented through photography, video and audio recordings. these are pictures, recordings, documentations of everyday sites and situations. and of the spectacular if it makes itself present. carrying out this kind of documentation is a way of exploring what i am interested in, by seeing it unfold as traces. it is a kind of exploratory and emergent heat map of my aesthetic, visual, spatial and poetic interests.

i use the site for exposition to display somewhat more coherent exploratory projects: following impulses and carrying out experimental, evocative, emergent and erratic engagements.

why is the site called hybridspaces.me?

the name of the site is a tribute to mixtures, hybridities and the unpure. it is a personal space where i cultivate bastard forms of expression; where productions are allowed to emerge which don’t have a name and which don’t really belong anywhere. these are output – outpourings – from the interstices. they are my hybrid spaces me.

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